Screening tests in company health insurance

Screening tests in company health insurance

Company health insurance benefits both the employee and the worker. It’s no coincidence that many HR managers and corporate decision-makers are planning for it when designing benefits for 2020.

Which of the health insurance plans on the market to opt for can be determined by the screening packages, among many other factors.

Corporate health insurance policies usually include fixed screenings, sometimes with ‘nebulous’ screening packages. However, it is possible to offer a special contract where the contracting employer can arrange separate service packages for different groups of employees.

What screening tests can be included in the package?

The most important screening tests can be selected on the basis of lifestyle risk factors, health status and life situation. Types of health screening tests recommended:

Cardiovascular screening

Heart and cardiovascular screening – Heart and cardiovascular disease screening is a key component of cardiovascular health screening.

Diabetic screening

Diabetes can be prevented by detecting a condition that may precede diabetes.


Early diagnosis greatly increases the chances of recovery.

Allergy screening

Malaise caused by allergy symptoms can reduce work performance by at least half, so it is important to get treatment as soon as possible.

Cervical cancer screening, breast screening

The most important thing is to identify risk factors.


Detection of ear problems and diseases affecting the pharynx other than those with acute illness.

Dental screening

Elsődleges a szájüreg egészségének fenntartása.

Bone density measurement

Detect impending problems and start treatment in time.

Ophthalmic screening

Screening for vision and asymptomatic, deeper problems.

Gastrointestinal screening

Finding the causes of digestive problems.

Prostate screening

An assessment of the condition of the prostate should be carried out regularly over the age of 45-50 years.

Why is a health insurance screening service package good for your company?


  • illnesses in key people working for the company can be detected and prevented in time, without the cost and time of having to replace them
  • it is more economical to prevent than to spend on sick leave or replacing a colleague,
  • differentiated packages can be designed according to the specificities of each company,
  • provide optimum protection for a valuable workforce.

If you are planning to introduce company health insurance, as health insurance experts we can help you design your individual screening package, which in some cases can be included in your health insurance with tax-free or tax-advantaged benefits. Ask for a free consultation!

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