Health situation – Know the health status of your employees!

Find out about the health of your employees!

More than half of all workers in Hungary suffer from a chronic illness, but what does this mean for the life of a company? A large number of unproductive workers and correspondingly less profit. For this reason, it is very important to assess the health of your employees.

A successful company needs a well thought out and structured health culture. The first step is to take a snapshot of the health of employees, to assess problems and needs, even through the completion of an anonymous, standardised questionnaire, which can be used to diagnose a symptom or symptom complex. This is a very good starting point for selecting the most appropriate health insurance product for our employees from the wide range of products on the market, and thus making the development of a corporate health culture a strategic priority at company level, since it is after analysing this data that the company’s health programme is designed. This not only translates at the individual level and results in more motivated, productive and, not least, less sick employees, but is also a value-added measure, generating higher revenues from a financial perspective and a much more positive brand image for the company. Once the health programme has been designed, it is necessary to find the right experts and involve them in the programme in order to implement it. Mental health professionals, physiotherapists, psychologists can all help to develop the well-being of employees, and you also need to find the right specialist who can offer you the best health insurance package, both financially and strategically. After that, it’s just a matter of publicising and promoting the scheme.

The commitment of senior management to the health screening shot will always pay off. Moreover, with this data, decision-makers can more easily take decisions that affect employees, such as reorganising jobs, selecting employees for training and education, which is one of the best ways of dealing with the now well-known concept of burnout. It is therefore safe to say that many problems can be avoided or remedied by a good corporate health culture, which will pay off in the long term in all aspects.

These considerations have led to the creation of our corporate health insurance schemes. Our team of experts can help your company with everything from arranging health screenings to carrying out urgent diagnostic and other tests. We work with you throughout your company’s life, helping you when and where you need it most. Remember: the health of your employees is your best business investment.

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