Why should I give health insurance to my employees?


Attention! Health insurance can be addictive.

Why should I give health insurance to my employees?

The health insurance that a company can give to its employees is a really valuable benefit. Employees will naturally welcome the fact that they can access almost all the services of the health care system at an increased level, without waiting times. But why is it good for the company, the firm, to pay a flat monthly fee for this? I will explain.

The driving force of a successful company is a stable and energetic workforce. Healthy employees work better and more efficiently than their sick counterparts who miss work because of too many tests. Is it just a matter of luck how sick our employees are? Yes, certainly luck, but there is a lot we can do to prevent illness and treat it quickly and effectively. As you can see, there are two pillars, one is prevention and the other is cure. Prevention can be made complete with a well-designed corporate health programme. Recovery requires medical treatment, medical care, which requires health insurance.

The state of the public health care system and the current labour market situation strongly justify the introduction of company health insurance as a form of fringe benefit this year for companies and enterprises that take their employees’ health seriously.

When can we benefit from company health insurance?

When employees suffer from pain or discomfort that slows down their work. Typical complaints include frequent back pain, headaches, joint problems, or skin and gynaecological problems. Good workers do not go to the doctor because it would be a big loss, but their ability to work is not. How long can this be drawn out? With health insurance there is nothing to think about. The medical call centre service is part of health insurance, so it’s one phone call where you can tell them your complaints and they will organise your care from the first step to the last.

What are the benefits for the employer?

No months of waiting on waiting lists, the employee gets the treatment they need sooner, we get them back healthy.

Not having to worry about the cost of private care will certainly make the employer more grateful and more committed in the long run.

By being seen by the best doctors available, you’re less likely to relapse.

You’ll have access to the latest diagnostic imaging tests, so diagnosis can be much quicker and treatment more effective.

If you’re lucky in the make-up of your workforce and have fewer sick people, it’s worth keeping. Screening can be part of health insurance to prevent the development of serious illnesses. Screening tests are organised by the insurer, taking the burden off the shoulders of both employer and employee.

Obesity, so common today, also has its dangers. Corporate health programmes promote healthy lifestyles and make our employees even fitter and more energetic.

As a health insurance expert, I can see through the subtle differences and highlight the pitfalls behind affordable prices. I can easily assess a company’s specific characteristics and needs, so I can help you choose the best value-for-money company health insurance. I request quotes, make comparisons and select the best one.


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