Why should you seek the help of a health insurance expert?

Miért érdemes egészségbiztosítási szakértő segítségét kérni?

Why should you seek the help of a health insurance expert?

Under the latest amendment to the law, the new direction of service-based company health insurance may be something to consider when designing benefits for 2020. It makes sense to choose wisely among the players in the Hungarian market for corporate service-based health insurance.

Corporate health insurance packages include a variety of services. Insurers differ widely in what they offer and to what extent they contract for in their package. Often, the favourable prices are due to services that are not included in the package or that are less expensive.

These may include, for example:

  • restrictions on the number of medical specialties
  • limitation of the available budget
  • increase in waiting times
  • the number of service locations
  • the number of medical, examination, surgical areas

An objective comparison implies even more criteria. It is also worth taking into account the size of the co-payment, the nature of the extras and special services received. The possibility of booking an appointment through a call centre and/or online is an advantage, and it may also be interesting to know how the company health insurance handles pre-existing conditions. Separate service packages may even be available for different groups of employees.

A true comparison of limits and restrictions is the only way to choose the best value for money company health insurance.

Before signing a contract, it is also important to carefully review the terms and conditions of contract, payment and entry, as the fine print can hide important information.

It is indeed not easy to navigate the market and it is a time-consuming task to review all the offers. But making the right choice can pay off.

Other benefits of making the right choice:

  • simple administration to change the coverage every month.
  • by creating several levels, all employees can be properly motivated.

How can a health insurance specialist help?

  • He can help us understand the differences between company health insurance packages.
  • It helps us decide which extra services are worth buying and which are less useful.
  • It can help us find the best health insurance plan for our company.

As a health insurance expert, I specialise in selecting, designing, implementing and operating the right health insurance plan. I will request quotes free of charge, make comparisons and select the most suitable solution for your company.


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I have a number of professional partners who provide year-round programmes to promote the health of employees working in the company. It’s more than just health insurance, as the company can do more for the health of its employees on an ongoing basis. It provides a valuable benefit to employees who feel that the employer is counting on them, planning for the long term and looking after them.

My consultancy fees are paid by the financial institutions, so my work for my clients is free of charge, except for the provision of expert advice. My fee does not change the price of the products, as it is built into every product by default, whether a brokerage firm is the intermediary or the financial institution’s own advisor provides the solution. The difference is that I can select the best solutions for a given company by reviewing all the solutions available on the market, as opposed to a single-insurer advisory service.

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