Our company also takes care of your health!

A mi vállalatunk az egészségedről is gondoskodik!

As a company director, how does this sentence sound? „Our company not only takes care of your workplace, but also your health!”

In today’s labour market, we know that there is no greater asset than a healthy worker, both physically and mentally. Many people think it is a matter of luck to find such a valuable employee, but a company can do a lot for the health of its employees and thus improve its performance.

With company health insurance, employees will be more loyal, more committed to their company and less likely to miss work in the event of illness, as they will receive prompt and quality private medical care.

Under the latest amendment to the law, a new direction in the life of a company or firm could be service-based company health insurance, in addition to accident insurance. In this case, employees will receive private health care instead of money, which represents a workforce retention value.

Where should you get information before designing your benefits? I’ll tell you in a moment.

First of all, let’s take a look at the Hungarian company-provided health insurance market.

We have seen a steady movement in recent years. Today the largest provider and health insurer is Medicover. Its customer base is streamlined and huge. The professional backbone of Union PrivateMed Next, Aegon Group Health Insurance, Groupama Medicare and Allianz Medical Care Group Insurance is Teladoc (formerly Advance Medical). In addition, there are individual health insurance products such as CIG Pannónia Best Doctors and MediHelp, and pain and suffering health insurance products such as Metlife Critical Care, Aegon Vital, Generali Testőr, CIG Bárka, Groupama Releva and many others.

Private health insurance from renowned private hospitals is also available on the corporate service-based health insurance market, with their own screening packages to complement the basic service. In this case, there is typically only one point of access.

Some health insurance funds also offer health insurance to their members, but this form is not really focused on companies.

Company health insurance services focus mainly on health maintenance, diagnostics and high quality specialist care.

Their packages include the now very popular:

  • telephone medical advice as a 0-24 hour medical call centre service,
  • second medical opinion by internationally renowned doctors.

How to choose?

Wisely, because you have a lot to gain by making the right choice. It is indeed not easy to navigate between the different players on the market and it is a very time-consuming task to review all the offers.

The criteria for comparison include:

  • The extent of the care facilities, how many health care facilities and service locations belong to the given provider.
  • What is the age limit for admission?
  • To what extent are costs reimbursed by the insurer?
  • What extras are offered?
  • How much is the insurance cover?
  • What is the minimum number of staff in the contracting company?
  • Is the insurance also valid for pre-existing conditions?
  • Is there a screening test?
  • What is the waiting period?

In addition, there are big differences between the services covered by the insurance and it is not always the same whether a dental check-up is available or whether the benefit can be extended to the family.

Of course, the comparison should lead to the best value for money company health insurance, but my experience is that company managers give up after a while for lack of time and opt for the apparently best. They may never find out how much they have lost. Yet health insurance is a benefit solution for company decision-makers, HR managers and consultants that is really needed. Its proper selection and correct use by employees can make a strategic difference to a company’s benefits system.

As a health insurance expert, I can see through the subtle differences and highlight the pitfalls behind affordable prices. I can easily assess the specificities and needs of a company and help you choose the best value-for-money company health insurance. I will request quotes free of charge, make a comparison and select the best one.

Check out our comparison tables here, request a free consultation.

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